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American Express at Online Casinos

American Express (AMEX, as it's also often called) is one of the largest and oldest financial services companies in the world. Their headquarters are in New York, USA. They also have a strong position in many other countries in the world, including India.

Indian residents can apply for different types of American Express ↱ credit cards. They have different options and limits available. Nowadays, American Express is not just a credit card. The card offers many other options, including perks, loyalty points, discounts and rewards to their users.

American Express cards can be used to make payments at retail shops and online shops that accept the card. Indian casino players can also find many online casinos accepting American Express. They can use the card to deposit funds into their player account.

Top Amex online casinos in 2023

Take a look at this table to find the best online casinos with American Express payments. Each casino accepts players from India. The operators have a valid license, and most importantly, also a good reputation with their players.

Most of these operators offering new customers from India an attractive welcome bonus package. You can get this bonus on the first, or sometimes even more, deposits.

About American Express

American Express was founded in 1850, making it one of the oldest financial services companies worldwide. The US-based company has made a name for itself with their credit card products. They expanded their business from the US-market into other markets in the world, including India.

There are currently 114 million cards in use worldwide, with almost 55 million active in the US. The company has a very strong presence in India, where their main offices are located in Gurgaon, Haryana and New Delhi.

In India, AMEX offers card products with different extra features and memberships. The modern credit cards are secured, and also allow for contactless payments for smaller transactions up to INR 5000.

You can also link your card to the mobile American Express wallet and use it to pay at shops, also with a higher transaction limit. You can download the free AMEX app at Google Play or in the iOS App Store, and keep an eye on the finances of your card.

American Express cards can also be used abroad when travelling, and you can pay or withdraw money at ATMs, where ever you see the AMEX logo.

Advantages and disadvantages of Amex at online casinos

Payments are quick and safe
Loyalty points can be exchanged for rewards
Enhanced security with the mobile AMEX app
A withdrawal option to the card is not available at every casino
Credit cards let you spend money on gambling that you don't have and may facilitate overspending
Fees apply for the cards, including annual and credit fees

American Express card types

American Express currently offers many different types of cards, each with their own benefits and limits. Card types include credit cards (with a fixed spending limit) and charge cards (without a spending limit).

Depending on which type of card you apply for, the company will perform checks. These include your credit record and other financial checks, to determine your eligibility.

Their cards can be tailored to people who travel a lot, users who spend a lot, users who spend a little, or users who enjoy many loyalty rewards. This means, that users can choose a card type most suited for their needs.

Making a deposit with American Express at the casino

The number of online casinos accepting AMEX in India is rapidly growing. You can use your credit card to deposit money into your player account. A transaction made with your AMEX card is processed instantly, and you can start playing within moments. To make a payment with your AMEX card, follow these steps.

Step 11. Register a player account at a casino with AMEX.
Step 22. Select the card option from the cashier at the casino of your choice.
Step 33. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
Step 44. Enter the card details, such as name, card number, expiry and CVV.
Step 55. Once the transaction has been confirmed with AMEX you can start playing the games.

Most casinos have minimum deposit amounts of between INR 800 and 2000, so make sure it that you are not trying to deposit an amount lower than that. Most casinos also apply maximum transaction limits, and you won't be able to pay more than the limit in a single transaction.

AMEX for the online casino withdrawal

An American Express card can be used for the withdrawal at some online casinos, but not all of them. You can use it only if you've used an AMEX card for the casino deposit.

If you wish to withdraw your winnings, you have to select American Express as the payment option. If it's not available you will be offered a bank transfer option from the casino.

Remember, that all withdrawals are subject to security checks. The casino operator may request additional information from you in order to process the payment. Which information they may request depends on the casino operator's license. Every regulator has their own requirements surrounding regulations for financial transactions.

Be prepared to send the casino proof that you are the card owner. They may likley also request documents to verify your identity and country of residence. These documents include a proof of identity and your address.

Once your withdrawal request to your AMEX card has been approved, you can expect the funds in your card within 5 days. While the deposit is instant, the withdrawal is not. The AMEX withdrawal takes additional bank processing time.

Annual and credit fees for using American Express

American Express cards are not free of charge, but how much you pay depends on the type of card you have. The card is usually costs an annual fee, as well as a minimum 3.5% interest rates charged on the credit taken. You can see the full list of AMEX fees in India here ↱.

Most online casino operator don't charge extra fees to their users for making deposits, but some do. You should see applicable fees when making the deposit at the casino. Although some operators offer free deposits, they may require users to pay a fee when requesting a withdrawal. You can also find applicable fees in the casino's terms and conditions.

To avoid extra currency conversion fees, make sure that the currency of your AMEX card (INR) is the same that you've registered to your casino account.


American Express is an established credit card and charge card provider in India. Payments are accepted at many retail outlets, online shops and also online casinos. The number of gambling operators with AMEX is growing, and you can find many licensed online casinos for Indian players. where you can use your AMEX card for payments.

Using a credit card to make a payment at an online gambling website may bear some risks, as you'll be spending money that you don't have. Keep in mind that you need to settle your American Express bill later, and this may hurt a bit more if you've lost the money at the casino. This means, that using a credit card is not a particularly good method to control your spending.

The casino payment will also appear on your credit card statement, meaning that it may not be as anonymous or discreet as you may prefer.

However, using a credit card to make a casino payment is a convenient and quick method to deposit some money, and to play the games. Keep in mind, that a withdrawal back to the AMEX card may not be possible. In this case you might have to select a different payment option at the online casino instead.

American Express FAQ

Yes, you can use your Indian AMEX card to make payments at online casinos with Indian rupee. Ideally, choose a casino that also supports rupee payments, by selecting INR as the casino account currency.

Unfortunately, not every online casino will offer you the option to make deposits using your American Express credit or charge card. Although the number of operators is still relatively small, you can find some licensed and trusted online casinos with AMEX. Take a look at this page to see top India gambling operators accepting American Express.

You can find a number of mobile casinos allowing you to make payments with AMEX cards. You can use your AMEX card to deposit at the mobile casino, and the funds will be credited within moments.

Most India online casinos have payment policies that state minimum and maximum transfer amounts. These apply to each transaction. The minimum deposit varies with the operators, but is often between ₹800 and ₹2,000.

Most casinos also have maximum limits, which can vary between ₹500,000 and 1 million rupee per transaction. However, the maximum deposit amount also depends on the credit limit of your AMEX card.

Using your AMEX card at an online casino allows you to make secure and fast deposits, and often also withdrawals of winnings. Security is enhanced if you use the app and confirm payments.

Using the card also bears other advantages, including collecting loyalty points and rewards. You can also make payments at outlets in many countries in the world.

New players from India are often offered generous welcome bonuses when they register as a new player at the casino, and make their first deposit. Sometimes, these bonuses have payment exclusions. This would mean that using a certain payment method won't qualify for bonus money.

Excluded payment options are often e-wallets, such as Neteller or Skrill, or certain voucher payments. Credit cards, such as American Express, are usually not excluded from bonuses. This means, that you can receive a casino bonus with AMEX credit card.

Casino bonuses have terms and conditions attached. Even if it is a low wagering casino bonus, you need to make sure that you carefully read the bonus wagering and other requirements. You need to make sure you understand how bonus money is turned over and converted into real cash.

A payment made with AMEX is quick and safe, but keep your card details safe from third parties. As with all credit cards, there is always the possibility of credit card fraud. American Express is always working on improving the security and to eliminate fraud, and using the app to confirm payments can help.

When playing at an online gambling website, you should also make sure that the connection for the transaction is secured through SSL. We also don't recommend making casino payments on public wifi's. There is always a small risk of transmitted data to be compromised. This is especially true when it's sent through unsecured connections.

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