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Online Slot Strategies, Tips and Myths

Some people say that there are specific strategies to win at a slots games. It is valid that there are some techniques and strategies to play with the slot machines, but it is not very probable that these strategies will lead to your win at slots. As with all games of chance available at online casinos, the house wins most of the time.

Every time there is a new online game at Indian casinos, people give their best to try and defeat the system. This technique holds especially true for those table games roulette or blackjack. Not long ago it was possible to beat the system by using a strategy known as roulette martingale.

It was also possible to win at the blackjack tables by counting the number of cards to decide if the deck was in your favor or maybe not. However, with the advent of online slots, the players tried to find out how to cheat or exploit the bugs in a few games, or they discovered a new method to use the game mechanics by using some strategy.

The online casino operators were not sleeping, and they quickly became aware of what was happening. To stop these players from beating the house, they devised countermeasures with the only aim to resist people from doing such things and foil their plans.

These measures included limiting bets at the roulette tables, they trained card dealers to find card counters in a match of blackjack, and stricter bonus money conditions. They also restricted low-risk betting strategies for bonus money play.

The slot machines are engineered and designed in a way that prevents the players from beating the game by applying their strategies. It is the luck factor in most of the slot games. They use random number generators to produce the game's result, so it becomes almost impossible to beat the house using strategies.

However, there are a few slots where the player can use some skills and make some decisions. Some games have a bonus game that triggers only after meeting all the game requirements, or other criteria are fulfilled such as collecting several special symbols.

Take a look at this detailed slots guide that provides you some tips on how to play slots online, as well as strategies and important information about how online slots work.

The RNG or random number generator

Each spin of the slot machines is done entirely randomly; the random number generating device (RNG) ensures that. The random number generator software has been tested a billion spins to ensure that the results are unexpected. There is no way for a player to tamper with the results generated by the RNG, no matter how skilled they might be. If a slot has handed out a massive jackpot, there are chances that this can repeat.

In theory, it is possible that the same single slot game can hand out more than one enormous jackpot within a short time. There are predetermined rules for this, and the chances of this happening have no relation with the fact that that particular slot machine did not hand out a massive jackpot for a longer period of time.

This ratio is entirely based on the RNG, and no one can know what result will come up next. Your chances to hit the jackpot will always be the same while playing the slots.

You've probably heard the terms 'hot' and 'cold' slot before. In this sense, 'hot' indicates that the slot is on a winning streak and is inclined to pay out much more, whereas 'cold' means that the slot hasn't paid out in a long time and it's doubtful that it will anytime soon. It refers to the slot's RTP and whether it's been greater or lower than the stated average.

Purchasing slot machine strategies

On some occasions, you might see some advertisements or other gamblers who blog on websites, trying to sell you the perfect strategy for a sure way to win at slots. Be very careful of such people. They are scammers.

Either they try to make you play the game or sell you their strategy. These people write incorrect facts or lie in plain words. If such a strategy to beat online slots existed, they would never divulge their techniques. Instead, they would keep playing and make lots of money for themselves. Remember that there are no bullet-proof winning strategies for slots at online casinos or landbased establishments.

No matter how convincing their content sounds, remember that no one can beat slot machines with strategies. If you come across an advertisement that seems to guarantee you a win at the slots, you can rest assured that this is a scam.

Playing with bonus funds to the bonus rounds

There are specific slot machines at casinos in India that you have to keep playing for a certain amount of time to trigger some bonus features. This feature is achievable by acquiring a certain number of special bonus symbols by playing over some time.

Casino operators apply a rule where they tackle the games and players who have used bonus money to play through the game requirements before using actual or real money when the real bonus games start.

Let us look at an example: one of these games is Robin Hood - Shifting Riches from NetEnt. In this game, players have to collect a certain number of money bags to advance to the free bonus spins. They use their bonus funds for the normal game to collect the money bags. Once they have almost collected enough money bags, they would switch to using real money balance to play the bonus round which could result in a lot of cash.

This might look like a great strategy, and it could be working in theory, but the casinos know about these strategies and are very much aware of them. So, when the gamblers are abusing bonus money to meet the requirements of playing through, they will likely have their winnings removed due to rules concerning bonus abuse.

The casinos are always one step ahead of the players in these matters. You can check the list of the slots excluded from bonus money in the casino's bonus terms and conditions, and you will find several games that are not eligible to be played with bonus money.

Online slot volatility - Select the best slot for you

Whether you play at the Indian casinos with or without the bonus money, carefully choose the slots you wish to play. It will make a big difference if you play a game of slots with a high or low variance, or a game that includes a progressive jackpot.

Players who wish to play with a small budget at online casinos in India should choose a slot that involves lower stakes. Selecting a game with high stakes will make you part with your money much quicker. Playing with a smaller stake will give you more chances of hitting the jackpot, as you get a chance to play more rounds. You can also play more matches and a longer game, which is more fun than quickly losing money.

Before you begin to play with real money, you can try out the slots with play money. This will also let you decide whether you want to play the game with real money, and whether the game suits you or not.

So, before you begin to play, compare the online slot machines in Indian online casinos, and find out their average return to the player (RTP) and volatility. A game with a lower volatility be the best slot for you, but it in no way means that you cannot win a lot of money at a slot with a lower volatility, and you can also play the other games. However, if you wish to have a higher risk for the chance to win a larger amount of money you can select a slot with a higher volatility.

Set a limit for yourself

You will find that gambling is very addictive, so you should keep aside an amount that should be your limit that you will spend on gambling in the casinos of India online.

You should know that most people will lose their money at the casinos, and before you start playing, you should set aside an amount of money that you feel comfortable to spend on gambling entertainment.

A big mistake is to try to make up for lost money by investing more money at the casinos in India, as the game will then lose all its entertainment value, and you will find that you are in a position where the game is not enjoyable anymore, and you may even lose more money. You may deposit more and more and won't have the chance to win back what you've lost.

So, it is best to use the limits you have set for yourself. Then you will have fun and enjoy the game, and maybe if you are lucky enough you can even win a jackpot!

Myths about slots

There are a lot of myths about online gambling. Myths like when to play, lucky charms, and other superstitions.

Remember that these myths are only myths, and none of them can happen. Slots are games of chance, and every spin is random. No one, absolutely no one, knows what the results will be.

For example, when you play at a progressive jackpot game and get a chance of hitting the jackpot, it may be lower if you play with a lower stake, but it in no way means that you don't have any chance at all.

In numerous games, it does not make any difference whatsoever. So, be cautious about selecting games and not rely on myths or superstitions. One of the best ideas would be to read reviews on slots you will play. You may want to learn the rules of the game, the volatility, and play slots with play money first to see if the game is suitable for you.

What is the best way to beat a slot machine?

As I had said earlier, there is no possible way of manipulating the result of a game by using a strategy. However, the chances of winning may increase if you get acquainted with how the game works.

The variance, the return to player, and the bonus games involving skill are good points to start on how you can play the slots and increase your chances of winning. If you are not aware of the game you might be playing, you might make some mistakes that one can avoid in the first place, and you may end up losing all your money quickly.

So, try the game for free, study the rules, and get used to the game, to make yourself familiar with the slots to know what the special and unique features are. If you find it is worth playing the game you can play it with your real money balance and try your luck. With this in mind, you will have a good time playing slots at India online casinos.

Online slot strategy FAQ

Slots use a random number generator to decide the result, so there are no sure strategies to win at slots. Some of the slots give you a chance to select betting strategies, which increase or decrease your stakes, but the chances of winning are always the same. Read more about the slot strategies and myths in this article.

No, you can't. This might have been possible previously, but nowadays, casinos have left out many games with bonus money or bonuses to play out the games that trigger bonus features with collections of items. If you still play in this manner and ultimately win, the casino will likely void what you have earned from the casinos, and they might throw you out of the casino even.

The volatility (variance) will decide the hit frequency of the slot, how often you have a chance to win, and what amount. A lower variance implies more frequent low-value wins, along with the odd big win. A higher variance means lesser winning frequency but possible high wins when you hit the jackpot.

There are no surefire ways to beat a slot machine, and there are no winning strategies. You need to see the slot for what it is: a game of chance with a random number generator that provides you with the opportunity to earn money.

Keep in mind that you can lose your money at any time. That is what happens most of the time. So, reiterating this, there are no fixed systems, calculations, or strategies to beat a slot machine.

No, never! Under any conditions or situations, you should never buy a slot machine strategy. These never work! A random number generator is used at slot machines at India casinos online, and that is what they are. Random! Nobody can predict which set of symbols will be coming up. There are no strategies that work for slots because the game is based on RNGs. Read this article to know more about the myths about slot machines and the scams used by people selling slot machine strategies.

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