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Online Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements and Terms Guide

Casino bonus money is not given away for free, and it is subject to strict conditions that you must be aware of before playing. In this article, we will explain casino bonus wagering and other terms.

We recommend reading this guide to understand the procedures before immersing yourself in online casino games in India. Casino bonuses are a great incentive to play the games, but the terms and conditions are vitally important.


Bonuses might appear like a free giveaways, but they are not. All of the bonuses in the games come tied with terms and conditions. We will talk about the bonuses and requirements more in this article. Please keep reading till the end.

When you sign up with an Indian online casino and get bonus money, remember that this money isn't free. The casinos give you this money as a reward to try out the online casino and play the games for a longer time.

Cashing out bonus money is not possible. You will have to wager the bonus money, or sometimes the deposit plus the bonus, an x number of times before you can request a withdrawal. A withdrawal is only possible after satisfying the casino's terms and conditions.

The wagering requirements at casinos can differ from casino to casino. We recommend reading about the bonus conditions before playing with bonus money. If you don't get familiar with the rules of the particular games you want to try out your luck at, you may end up being disappointed.

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*Bonus T&Cs apply! Accuracy not guaranteed, terms can change any time.

Online casinos welcome bonuses in India

When you sign up as a new player with an online casino in India, you can often receive a welcome bonus. This bonus is only available if you have never registered on the website before.

The welcome bonus is usually in the range of 100% to 150%, which you will receive in addition on your first deposit. The highest bonus amount you will get is limited, and the amount can be anywhere from Rs.5000 to Rs.100,000. Rs.10,000 is the most common bonus amount.

You cannot withdraw this bonus; you have to play with it a certain number of times before you can withdraw. The playing amount (turnover requirement) will be more than the bonus you receive.

Wagering requirements and bonus turnover

Say you make a deposit of Rs.8000 and receive a 100% bonus from the casino, i.e. Rs.8000 in bonus money. It simply means you now have Rs.16,000 to play with. Make the assumption the casino imposes wagering requirements of 35x the bonus amount.

In this scenario, you will begin by playing with your own real money. Once you are out of cash, you will start playing with the bonus balance. Because you received Rs.8000 in bonus funds and the casino has wagering requirements of 35x the bonus, you will need to stake a total of Rs.280,000.

So, you see, you are putting a huge amount of your own money at stake, so you need to be very careful about the games you select when you continue playing. Games are fun but also can be very stressful.

It may seem like a lot of money but think of the bonus money as a free second chance to win some cash. When you play slots, it is unlikely that you will lose every spin. You will continue to win and lose, and each time you spin the reels, it is counted towards the wagering.

Slots are one of the safer games compared to the other games. Most of the time, you will end up losing the bonus money, but it is not impossible to play through the wagering requirements. Who knows, you may even win some money at the end. See, this is the casino gambling factor. It is impossible to predict whether one would end up winning or losing.

Limitations for winnings from bonus money at Indian Casinos

One cannot withdraw bonus money like you withdraw regular money; you must first meet the wagering requirements to cash out. Some India online casinos limit how much bonus money you can withdraw, while others do not. But in both cases, there are terms you have to fulfill first to withdraw money. Only then you can cash out the money.

No deposit bonuses and other free cash bonuses in particular, frequently have a winnings cap of around Rs.10000 or Rs.20000. It simply means that even if you win more, you will only be able to cash out a certain amount of your bonus winnings.

The players might not like this, but that is how it is. Most casinos don't have these sorts of conditions for regular bonuses, and if you win a lot, you can cash it all out. In any case, to be on the safe side carefully read the bonus terms and conditions before playing with the bonus money. You must be aware of the fine print to avoid disappointment.

Game contributions and weighting for bonus wagering


Another thing you should be aware of when playing with bonus money at casinos in India is how much the games contribute to the bonus wagering. As you may be aware, casino games have varying chances of winning.

In most cases, just like any other online casino globally, the odds are stacked against the player. Still, it's for the mere thrill of playing that people play at the casinos, be it online or offline. But since we are discussing online casinos in India, we will restrict our discussions to online casinos only.

Slot machines, for example, are entirely random, and you have no control over the outcome of the spin. However, some games, such as Blackjack or Roulette, can be played in a way that reduces the casino's house edge and give you a nearly 50% chance of winning. You might think that these are the best games to play with bonus money, but you'll be disappointed to learn that they're not.

Most casinos exclude table games where the player has an equal chance to win against the house. Or they have little contribution compared to other games on which the odds are with the house. When you play with bonus money, you will usually find a mention of game contributions in the casino's terms and conditions or the bonus terms.

Most slot machines contribute 100%, whereas table games frequently contribute 10% or less. The percentage figure indicates that a specific portion of your wager is counted toward meeting the bonus wagering requirements. For example, if you play an Rs. 5 slot machine spin and that game contributes 100%, your entire Rs. 5 wager will be counted towards the wagering requirements (in the example of needing Rs. 3,500 in wagering, you would now have Rs. 3,495 left).

If you use your Rs. 5 wager to play a Roulette game that only contributes 10%, only 50 paise are counted towards the wagering requirements (for example, if you needed to wager Rs. 3,500, you would now have Rs. 3,499.50 left). It means you'll have to play for a lot longer to meet the wagering requirements and cash out.

The game restrictions assist casinos in preventing bonus abuse. They also provide players with a reasonable chance of winning. Some casinos offer specific bonuses for table games with higher contributions. However, most offer 100% game contributions for slot games only.

Some casinos will not even allow you to play table games or live casino games with bonus money. The contribution will be 0%. Many casinos also exclude jackpot games with large progressive jackpots. This means that you won't be able to win a large pot when using bonus money.

Best slots to play with bonus money

Slot Machines

Answering this question is difficult because it is dependent on your gaming style and desires. There are slots with a higher volatility where you will probably lose the bonus money balance faster. Howevr, you will have a higher chance of winning a larger amount.

Slots with a lower volatility usually give you more winning spins with an overall lower amount of winnings. In effect this means that you'll have a more extended playtime and might get a chance at a more significant win.

The best thing to do is to look at the various types of slots and play them out for free. This helps to find a game that you enjoy and that meets your requirements. It's also important to review the list of excluded slots at Indian casinos. Many games, including progressive jackpot games, cannot be played with bonus money.

Bonus money and minimal risk betting

Minimal risk betting is a strategy in which you only bet on possibilities with the lowest risk of loss. Using this strategy will require some knowledge of the games. For example, using bonus money with a strategy at table games like blackjack. You could also think about using bonus money at slots to play through towards special features.

Let us see through an example. An Indian casino with a live casino bonus will mention "minimal risk betting" in the bonus terms. For example, a bet on red or black at Roulette or bets that cover a large portion of the roulette wheels. This is just an example of low-risk wagers. So, playing these games will involve a minimal risk betting strategy. It might seem odd as a newcomer to online casinos, but with practice you will learn to identify minimal risk betting .

Before paying out winnings derived from bonus money, the casino will review how you used the bonus. If they discover that you used low-risk wagering, they will most likely void or cancel your winnings.

You can quickly get more information on low-risk wagers by reading the casino's bonus terms. To learn more about them you should thoroughly read the bonus terms . The Indian casinos, just like any other casino, will always try to ensure that the house rarely loses. But casino games are highly unpredictable so you may win lots of rupees in casinos by using a casino bonus without minimal risk betting.

Maximum bet sizes when playing with bonus money

In India, casinos, many of them, have a maximum bet size when you play with bonus money. It implies that you can your bet on a slot machine or at a table game is limited. The tricky part is that this may not be limited while you're playing the game. Only when you want to withdraw your winnings after you've turned over the bonus will the casino check your game-play. They may void your winnings if you've played with higher stakes.

That is why, when using the bonus, it's critical to remember the casino's maximum bet rules and to read the fine print of the bonus terms. It's important to know that this is how casinos in India operate. If you play smart at India online casinos, you can have a chance of winning a lot of rupees, and casinos will not be able to stop you from succeeding.

Bonus money or extra spins expiry

Bonus money has an expiration date, which could be weeks or months. This determines how much time you have to turn over the bonus. Similarly, if the casino offers you extra spins, you may only have 24 hours to claim them and a few days to turn over winnings. So you'd better play them fast before they're gone!

Bonus terms FAQ

Before you can pay out your bonus winnings, you need to play the welcome bonuses a certain number of times. A value usually denotes this between 30x & 60x the bonus money received. You can't withdraw the bonus money until you've met the terms and conditions. You can learn more about how betting with bonus money works and other essential bonus phrases and terms in this article.

The difference between bonus or Bonus and deposit wagering is how the wagering is calculated, and how the bonus is played. Having to wager just the bonus often means that you will play with your cash first. Once your real-money balance is used up you'll plat with the bonus. You may be able to give up the bonus as well if you win with your cash balance.

A bonus plus deposit wagering is higher, and casinos with such bonus usually don't allow for cash winnings to be paid out. You'll commit to receiving the bonus and keeping it. The wagering is usually much higher for this type of bonus.

There are no precise answers to these questions. Because it depends on the type of slot, you choose. A high-variance slot will deplete your cash faster, but it will also give you a chance to win big. On the other hand, a low to medium variance slot will provide you with a more balanced game. You can play them longer but with a smaller chance of winning big.

Table games are often exempt from bonus play, but some India casinos have table game promotions. Table games and live casino games, however, offer far less to the wagering in most casinos. They are typically weighted around 10% to 20%. Read the bonus terms carefully before playing live casino games with bonus money.

The game contributions are essential since they inform you which items you can enjoy with bonus money and how much you can spend on them. Most slots give 100%, and however, table games and other quick games may only provide a small percentage, if at all.

Bonus betting is even prohibited at some online slots, and also progressive jackpot games. These list of excluded games differs widely at Indian online casinos, as they do in other casinos worldwide. It's crucial to understand the game weightings properly.

Playing with a bonus at select slots is now forbidden at most casinos. This is a direct effect of bonus abuse in the past in numerous games, such as when bonus funds were used to collect items or to play through bonus features before being replaced with real money once the features began.

These games include Robin Hood: Shifting Riches, Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Castle Builder, and Tomb Raider, to name a few. Specific slots may not be allowed to be played with a bonus, or the slots may not contribute to the turnover, which would result in you losing your funds.

With bonus funds, minimal risk wagering is not allowed, particularly not to meet the bonus wagering requirements. If the casino discovers you were using the bonus money to make low-risk wagers, they will cancel your winnings.

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